Statutory Policies - 

Making a complaint 2020

Whistleblowing policy

Child protection and making allergations against staff 

Health and safety - General standards 21

Uncollected child

Administering Medicines 21

Missing child policy 21

Health and Hygiene 21

Data Protection 21 

Supporting children with Special Educational Needs 2020

Important Policies for Parents - 

Supervision of Children on Outings 21

Childrens rights and entitlements 2020

Payment of fees Nov 2020

COVID 19 - Managing setting, staff and children

Managing children with allergies or sick 21

Nappy changing policy 21

Parents partnership agreement April 2021

Children's records policy 2020

Parental involvement 2020

Admissions 2020

The role of the key person and settling in 2021

Use of Mobile phones 2020

Information Sharing Policy 21 

Existing injuries policy 21

Lunch club policy 21

Valuing Diversity 2021

E-safety policy 21

Fire safety and Emergancy policy 21

Food Hygiene Policy 21

Maintaining children's safety policy 21

Working in partnership with other agencies 2021

Recording and reporting accidents 21

Additional Policies

Achieving Positive Behaviour 21 


No Smoking 2020

Staffing Policy 2020

Social Networking Policy 2020

Confidentiality and client access policy 2020

Grievance Policy 21

Staff code of conduct 21

First Aid Policy 21

Physical intervaention policy 21

Lockdown policy 21

Reporting and Recording Accidents policy 

Providing records 21

Disciplinary procedure policy 21 

Data Storage policy 21

Equipment and Resourcs policy 21

Looked after chidlren policy 21

Transfer of records to school 21

Student placement policy 21

Risk Assessment 21

If there are any policies you would like to see and are not here please contact the Manager of Kingswood Preschool Group who will be happy to provide one for you.